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DALIA (Roasted Broken Wheat) -RAJDHANI -500G
Premium- Full fiber roasted broken wheat

DALIA (Roasted Broken Wheat) -RAJDHANI -500G Premium- Full fiber roasted broken wheat
DALIA (Roasted Broken Wheat) -RAJDHANI -500G
500 gm

Price: ¥360


RAJDHANI DALIA, rich in fibre, provides you and your family with all the essential nutrients so important in your diet.


Hygienically packed, excellent in nutritious content and in quality par excellence, the fibrous content needed in one's diet is perfectly met with DALIA.

RAJDHANI DALIA is preroasted in automatic ovens, while retaining its inherent qualities. Rich in proteins, it makes an ideal wholesome breakfast and being low in calories makes it a light evening snack.

DALIA can be taken as a sweetened preparation with milk, garnished with dry fruits. As a salty snack, bake it and then cook it with Moong Dal in water.

Enjoy DALIA as a soup or make a healthy meal, cooking it with vegetables.

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